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I may or may not post already finished pics for these people by April 20th.

1 Distance-0 DONE
2 KittyKyomi DONE
3 Yuko-Lee
4 JFOtaku7810
5 Bronek
6 BrookeVeil

so email me any concerns/changes final instructions today, as of now, Its not possible for me to upload any images due to the craptastic internet we have, and I'm about to go away for a while cause there are issues regarding my health. My due date is APRIL 30th +/- 2 weeks. I might even give birth tomorrow, So im giving you guys a heads up!

those are the last batch of commissioners i will finish, before i go back to my normal schedule, after childbirth by June!
starting April 20th, ill be on hiatus till June 8th!  

Thank you for understanding!

PS. im going to TRY and UPDATE here still as much as possible regardng my health.
  • Mood: Eager
  • Mood: Eager

April 8-17 commissioner list! Please contact me whenever you want changes..if not ill color the sketches i gave you before!
Thank you!!

REMINDER will proceed to color the sketches i did before (except if u emailed me to change them) starting monday!

my email :


8 Distance-0

9 KittyKyomi

10-11 Yuko-Lee

12-13 JFOtaku7810

14-15 Bronek

16-17 BrookeVeil

I ever you think you have been skipped, let me know! via email!

You can check out all the finished pics on my Facebook page
Just so you guys know, everything is still on schedule smile emoticon

Complete list of commissioner line-up might be available around May-June!
thank u for the patience!!

thank you!

Endless Love by annria2002
Endless Love
Commissioned by :devYamigirl21:

A SPECIAL GIFT for a Very SPECIAL Friend! Hope you like it! ;w;

Our True Selves by annria2002
Our True Selves
Commissioned by mimori-kiryu

Her Persona 4 OC Jiyu Hikari

 I LOVE PERSONA 4 !! its my first time doing the style so i had a lot of fun drawing this!! ^_^
my fave character is yu and yukiko :p
Bustin' In by annria2002
Bustin' In
Commissioned by Shiori92 
Her Naruto OC Shiori


“Well, everything looks perfectly fine. You seem to be progressing quite well” Sakura said as she pulled back a bit. “Are yo-“
“Sakura!!” Someone burst into the room, promptly cutting her off. “Do you want to…” they trailed off looking at the scene. Sakura was looking at them with shock while sitting in between Shiori’s legs, whilst the patient herself looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Her face became as red as a tomato, while Sakura’s shock soon became anger as she stood up. “Shiori?”
“Naruto!!!” She roared in anger.
He quickly looked at her with wide blue eyes. His hands shot up in front of him in self-defense as if trying to ward her off. “Sa-Sakura! Wait! Don’t be angry! I-“ BAM. He was cut off, as the stool Sakura sat on moments before came in full contact with his head swiftly knocking him unconscious.
“You idiot!” she bellowed out panting. Shiori simply sighed and laid her head in her right hand. ‘Some things would truly never change,’ she thought as she looked at Sakura puffing in front of her and the unconscious Naruto. Naruto couldn’t help but do things without thinking and Sakura couldn’t help but get angry at him for his screw ups. But even with all his mess ups, she couldn’t help but love the Leaf Village’s number one hyper active knuckle-head ninja, Naruto Uzumaki.
“Sa-sakura…you’re so scary…” he mumbled.
“What!?” She shrieked, and all hell proceeded to break lose in the small room.


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Little Extra
this is just for extra needed points
Category 2
style 1Commission: Deidara by annria2002 with white BG and lil designs..
style 2Commission:ITAxTEMA by annria2002 with plain white BG
style 3Prize art: MADARA blush by annria2002 no BG at all.. the file will be on PNG format
cell-shadings w/ gradient bg and effects
Category 3
Commission: Yamanaka Ino by annria2002 Commission: Eishou Ten'on by annria2002
cell-shadings w/ BG full color
Category 4
style 1Poison Ivy by annria2002 THICK BLACK LINES!and black shadings
style 2SORA and KAIRI: My Sky by annria2002
style 3TINKERBELL and TERRENCE by annria2002
style 4: Zuko and Mai: Fireflies by annria2002 Paint tool Sai, though ill limit u with a maximum of 2 characters cause i lag too much.

soft shadings w/ bg full color
Category 5
Commission: Hanako lines by annria2002 Lines
like extra characters/items/details
Pregnant!?! by annria2002
I Wont Leave You by annria2002
Mizu and Bon by annria2002
For Multiple Orders

includes three (3)(CATEGORY 3 with 2 Characters)


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